Inspired by the Cutting Edge


S U S T A I N A B I L I T Y  &  T E C H N O L O G Y

A core value of the ELM team remains focused in the education and execution of environmental safety for each generation. We remain heavily involved in research and data collection methods from in-field testing technologies to home office soil and biology analytics.


Our relationships and work with nationally recognized scientists have enabled our team to reach unprecedented levels as we forge our notability in cutting edge industry advancements as well as inspire the network and community around us with our efforts.






Technology and science open the doors we all once thought were impossible to access. While broad stroke landscape care was once overlooked, today we are seeing innovative practices through so that the optimization of landscape health and well being can remain successful. The evolution of our firm into this system has been consistent with our beliefs in natural and precise prescriptions for landscape management.


Some of our precision systems include beneficial insect and native bee releases for organic pest and pollination control, the use of indigenous soil biology from our proprietary Ecopiles™ rather than generalized compost profiles, truck-mounted brewing systems for appropriate and custom product delivery, and the use of in-field soil testing technology for real time data reports.


Each system offers opportunity for a greater breadth of return; in-field testing instruments present organized and quick data, eliminating wait and cost time of secondary lab testing. Project-specific compost and application agents deliver initial sources of nutrients for baseline successes. Precision Plant Systems are honed to position each landscape for long term establishment, one day cycling independently and naturally, breaking free from constant routine and returning to a pure state.