Ecological Landscape Management is a noted firm serving the sustainable landscape management industry. Since our founding in 2010, our team has continued to pioneer the industry with programs that are unique solutions supporting healthy landscape behavior and ornamentation of the land.


With years of education and training, our techniques have yielded results that challenge industry norms and traditional management schedules while encouraging environmental awareness, protection and preservation focuses.


Because of our experiences and success, ELM continues to collaborate on some of the most dynamic and transformative projects across the nation.




ISA Certified Arborist(s)

Certified Tree Risk Assessment

Certified Nursery Landscape Professional

Certified Soil Foodweb Advisor

NOFA Certified

OSHA Certified

DEC Certified



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2014 “Massive project to replace trees at the Arch” - KSDK

2014 “Soil Communication” - Boston Society of Landscape Architects Fieldbook

2015 “Life in the Dirt” - Landscape Architect Magazine

2017 “Microscopic Life—The Greatest Benefit To Resilient Roadside Landscapes” - Transportation Research Board Committee on Ecology and Transportation Newsletter