Ecological Landscape Management looks forward to collaborating with adjacent industry firms such as Landscape Architect, Landscape Design, Construction entities as well as stakeholder groups. We look to serve as an advantageous team member during each phase of design and development and appreciate the meeting of minds to achieve client vision and project success.


elm 2.0, an extension of the ELM brand, captures the marriage of both technology and science in the ecological world and has allowed our team to become part of the most recognized efforts in sustainable land care where data collection technologies result in real time results and decisions. elm2.0 offers expert consultation combined with an introduction to the most cutting edge industry techniques. Our services are designed to initiate the understanding and practice of sustainable management, support project specification and design as well as inspiring a deeper connection to the natural world. Our early management programs have reduced plant material loss from an industry 8%, to less than 1%.






  • Expert Lead Consultation
  • Research and Data Collection
  • Creative Project Review and Input
  • Sustainable Landscape Design and Development
  • Unique Sustainable Program Development for Landscapes




  • Soil Design and Biology Specification Writing
  • New Soil Development Plan
  • Soil Installation Specifications
  • Soil and Plant Bed Engineering
  • Compost Tea Design and Development
  • Composting Program Design and Overview






  • Compost Tea Applications
  • Organic Lawn Care and Maintenance
  • Organic Tree and Shrub Care Maintenance
  • Pruning Service
  • Seeding Services
  • Education and Training in Sustainable Techniques and Technology
  • Quality Control Programs
  • Soil Management (Ambient or Engineered Soils)
  • Plant Acclimation
  • On-Site and Off-Site Holding Nursery Design and Maintenance
  • Top Down Management - Beneficial Insect Management
  • Waste Cycling
  • Resource Conservation Techniques
  • Stormwater Management
  • Carbon Sequestering